How to Select Jewelry

Double Oval Earrings, Red & Blue Earrings, Original Art Earrings, Sterling Silver French Ear HooksChoosing jewelry that flatters a person’s personality will assure that the jewelry will be used and enjoyed for a long time.




  •  Activity: People to do active sports, manual labor, or doing certain types of desk work, like art or architecture, will not want jewelry that gets in the way of their activity but would enjoy an adornment like a shorter necklace and simpler earrings. People who work in an office will want jewelry that represents their personality (see below).
  •  Lifestyle: People with an active social calendar interacting with other people enjoy colorful jewelry that complements their attire.
  •  Personality: The first impression we make is a visual one and how we choose to adorn ourselves represents how we see ourselves.
    •  Outgoing, playful or extroverted person will enjoy bigger, more bold jewelry, longer necklaces and earrings.
    •  A reserved, quiet person will enjoy wearing smaller, less showy, more conservative jewelry.
  • Eccentric people will enjoy the more unusual, one of a kind, unique pieces.
  •  Face shape: see our separate article covering this.
  •  Men: Men are wearing neutral colors, organic metallic and leather, in necklaces and bracelets. Gemstone necklaces and rope or chain necklaces with a pendant are popular. Leather is popular also.
  • Body Type: Jewelry can draw attention to or away from certain body parts. Bold colors place near a body part will draw attention to it. Larger people can wear larger jewelry. Petite people will wear smaller, daintier pieces. Matching jewelry to eye color often enhances image.

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